How this Nigerian cab driver confessed to being a rapist will leave you in stitches

The way a cap driver confessed to his passenger that he is a rapist goes a long way in revealing how unaware, how ignorant most people are of the damaging effect of rape on victims and why it should be fought with serious punishment for culprits.

A Twitter user, @rehviie narrated an experience her sister had with the cab driver who confessed to being a rapist. She said her sister was in a cab when a radio program discussing the rape saga between Busola Dakolo and Biodun Fatoyinbo came on. At once, the taxi driver opined that the rape case should be dropped because “who never rape before?.”

He went on to confess that he has raped a woman before and the girl has moved on. He allegedly added that he teamed up with his friends to gang rape her because she was giving him attitude.

@rehviie tweeted: 

While my sister was in a cab today, the Fatoyinbo case was on a radio and this is what the cab man said.

“This girl needs to drop the matter. Who neva rape before? So many men don rape. Even me I’ve raped. The babe wey I Rape, I saw her last week and she waved at me.”
I’m afraid