“I laughed when God called me to be president” – Kanye West

American rapper, Kanye West has revealed that God called him to become the President of the United States and that it sounded funny to him when he got the call.

The 46-year-old presidential aspirant said that when he announced his plans and calling to become a president, his friends including billionaire business mogul and television star, Oprah Winfrey, all kicked against it.

“It hit me in the shower and when I first started to think of it, I just started laughing at myself and joy came over my body,”

“I had different friends, some people in the music industry, tech elites. They just really took it as a joke. They’re telling me all these millions of reasons why I couldn’t.

“I remember running into Oprah one or two days after that (the award), she said, ‘You don’t want to be president’ (laughs).” he said during an interview with Joe Rogan’s podcast on Saturday evening.