“I love all ministers but I am not a friend to every minister” – Oyedepo (Video)

Presiding Bishop of the Living Faith Church aka Winners Chapel, David Oyedepo, has said he loves all Ministers of God but he is not friends with every one of them.

The clergyman said this on Sunday, July 11 while delivering a message in his church and advising them on how to move their businesses forward. He cautioned his follower on the kind of associations they get into as it can make or mar their destiny.

”People who scorn your God cannot add value to your life. Caution. There are people you must delete from your list of contact. Delete them. There are people that you meet that would end your life. Delete them from your list. I love Jesus and I am telling you by the Holy Ghost, don’t be the enemy of your destiny. Act smart and walk in the truth. I love all ministers but I am not a friend to every minister. No I can’t be.

‘Don’t let us deceieve ourselves, nothing can work in Nigeria’, I can’t be your friend, I am a repeairer of the bridge, I can’t hang around you,” he said.

Watch a video of him speaking below