If Nnamdi Kanu is out what is the big deal, am I not out too – Dokubo Asari

Ex-militant leader, Dokubo Asari has reacted to report that the detained leader of the indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu has been discharged and acquitted by the Abuja court of appeal.

Dokubo who is a major Ijaw political figure in the Niger Delta asked what the big deal is if Nnamdi Kanu is out. “am I not out also, am I not walking and talking freely more than him” he said.

In a 29 minutes Video shared online, Dokubo said, “it’s so funny that in Nigeria anything can happen. Nigeria judiciary can be used, judges can make themselves available to be used to descarte the rule of judiciary. Some people are saying Nnamdi Kanu is out but the truth is he is not out yet, he is still in custody.

“It is so funny, what the Appeal Court did is total unacceptable and it will not stand in the test of time anywhere in the world and it has brought Nigerian judiciary into ridicule. Can the appeal court give original jurisdiction of court of first instance. These are primary procedural law anybody with small knowledge of law will know. What the Appeal Court should have done is to refer the case back to the Supreme court”

“Over time, we have been hearing about political solution that Nnamdi Kanu is barging with them to have a political solution, so Judges will make themselves so cheap. They say he has been discharged and acquitted, my question is was he discharged of all the charges against him. If Nnamdi Kanu is out what is the big deal, am I not out too, am I not talking and walking freely.”