Igbos can go to hell if they loose 2023 Presidency– Junaid Mohammed blasts

Second Republic lawmaker, Junaid Mohammed, on Tuesday said the Igbos are free to activate their threats of secession if they don’t actualize their goal of winning the Presidency in 2023.

He also advised the Igbos who are nursing the idea of becoming President in 2023 to kill the thought.

Speaking to Newsmen, Junaid said currently the South-East has not put forward a credible person who is qualified to lead Nigeria.

The controversial lawmaker challenged them to secede when they lose the Presidential Ticket in 2023.

“I challenge Igbos to secede if they are denied Presidency in 2023. If they don’t secede, let them go to hell.

He went further to remind them how many people they lost during the civil war.

“They have tried secession before but they were defeated and failed and they lost over one million people”.

“If they want to secede again because of 2023 politics, they are more than welcome. You think anybody will beg them not to secede?” he asked.

This is not the first time the Elder stateman is making such a hateful statement. He had at a time asked the south to forget about the 2023 Presidential election.

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2 thoughts on “Igbos can go to hell if they loose 2023 Presidency– Junaid Mohammed blasts

  1. An elder foolish man who dont even know if he will see the year 2023 is already passing threats. It goes to show the elite class are the problems of Nigeria. Always thinking about themselves, about power and not a single thought about good governance or the masses. It’s all about who occupies the seat and what’s in it for them. How can this nation be facing many unresolved challenges and all our leaders could think of is 2023 elections barely 6 months after a general election? God have mercy. How did we get to this deteriorating point of no remedy???

  2. People like Junaid Mohamed or whatever he calls himself should know that the 21st century is not the 19th century. The political dynamics are changing and if he thinks Russia and Britain will come to his rescue again, he will be dreaming. Let him face and defeat boko haram he and his cohorts brewed over the years before contemplating going into another war.

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