Imagine! One Plaza Housing Ten Different Churches (Video)

The rate at which church multiplicity is going on is alarming. Many times we hear of residents complaining about the level of disbursing noise experience their neightbourhood.

A clear image of what people are going through is captured in the short video where we can see about ten different churches clustered in a building. Imagine the kind of noise that residents of the area will be forced to endure.

Sharing the video, Instagram entertainer cum blogger, Tunde Ednut wondered why there is still so much corruption in Nigeria in the face of too many churches.

He wrote: “10 Churches in one complex and yet we are the most corrupt country in Africa … All these churches in this complex all have mics, speakers that will be put on all at the same time. Imagine the noise and preachings in a residential area. Instead of them to gather together and open ONE CHURCH together since it’s the same God that they are all preaching to us about. Well, I have never seen 2 mosques in one building…#Religion

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