Imo: Youths nab suspected Ritualist, Victims’ photos recovered from shrine

Umuaguma Nzerem village, in Ehime Mbano Local government area of Imo State witnessed a dramatic scene on Friday, November 13 after some angry youths pounced on a suspected ritualist who was allegedly caught while trying to bewitch his victims.

One of the victims’ son, Andy Emmanuel said that his father and brother’s photos were recovered from the suspect’s shrine where it was deposited for a diabolic mission that suspect is yet to be disclosed.

Andy said the suspect, Innocent Mgbeahuru Chekwendu had been flagged severally in the community for allegedly committing all kinds of evil deeds before he met his waterloo on Friday after choosing his father, Chief Casmir and his brother, Daniel Ohaekelem as his next victims.

The suspect who had a soft copy of his victims’ pictures had gone to a photographer on Thursday to print a hard copy to use in his shrine when the photographer became curious of the suspect’s intention and later informed other youths in the village about the incident.

The youths gathered and stormed the suspect’s home to confront him. He initially denied knowing anything about the pictures but he became scared after the youth turned fierce on him and he finally took them to his shrine where the pictures were recovered.

The suspect was marched and paraded throughout the community before he was handed to the police.

See photos below.

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