IPOB releases details of Nnamdi Kanu’s meeting with Members of EU Parliament

The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has revealed details of its leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s meeting with the European Union Parliament during its briefing session in Brussels, Belgium on Tuesday.

It was reported that Nnamdi Kanu, on Tuesday took his agitation for the actualization of a Sovereign State called Biafra to the European Union parliament.

IPOB said “Mazi Kanu assured every Biafran after the meeting that his next diplomatic mission would be to the United Nations.”

The group added that the diplomatic move was designed to take Biafra freedom to another level, way beyond the imagination of the Nigerian government, before the end of this year.

IPOB said Kanu promised Biafrans that he would be in Washington DC and the United Nations to which the crowd erupted in spontaneous applause.

Media and Publicity Secretary of the group, Emma Powerful in a statement on Thursday, hailed the EU Parliament, especially the members that invited Kanu, describing it as a “historic meeting.”

He said “IPOB’s invitation to the parliament signified that the group was not only respected but regarded as a force for good in Africa.

“Events in Brussels has confirmed that Biafra restoration project was divinely ordained, hence all efforts by the Nigerian Government to intimidate and bully the organisers failed spectacularly.”

“The seed of Biafra self-determination had been planted in the heart of the EU.

“The more the Nigerian state fight IPOB, the stronger and more resolute we become. All their efforts failed woefully because (Chukwu Okike Abiama) God Almighty the creator of heaven and earth is on the side of the Biafran people.”

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8 thoughts on “IPOB releases details of Nnamdi Kanu’s meeting with Members of EU Parliament

  1. Stupid idiot Nanbo or whatever you call yourself, you are the biggest fool I ever seen you will remain and die being a fool and a slave to fulani herdsmen

  2. Nanbo!! Nanbo!!.let your heart not be worried. Definitely Biafra will leave soonest. You and your cohorts , the SLAVES AND SHIT CARRIERS of the Hausa/ fulanis will be left in bewilderment as to what really happened and in utter state of stupor. Since the inception of this contraption called Nigeria, it is only the Biafrans that has successfully refused to be part of that your slavish mentality and shit Carrying politics in Nigeria. Individually they have been better of for it. The Biafra nation could be the likened to an EAGLE. THEY ALWAYS FLY HIGH WITH GREAT STRENGTH. AND AGILITY .THE BEST IN EVERY FEILD OF ENDEAVOUR. NOTE: THIS IS GOD’S PROVIDENCE AND NO AMOUNT OF PETTY JEALOUSY OR UNFOUNDED HATRED CAN BRING THEM DOWN. THE BIAFRANS HAVE SURVIVED THIS UNFORTUNATE NANBO MENTALITY SINCE THE INCEPTION OF NIGERIA AND WILL CONTINUE TILL THE END OF TIME. THE FEAR OF IPOB IS THE BEGINNING OF WISDOM FOR NIGERIA. “ALL HAIL BIAFRA”.

  3. See photos hoped picture so na only 2 person attend the EU meeting abi,why this IPOB no wan get sense self, e go as a tourist and said he was invited,invitation that was not listed on their website,this guy is truly a fraudster,deceiving his gullible people. Prove to the world you were there with a video of you inside the Parliament presenting this stupid speech.

  4. BigGee or big shit, whatever crap you call yourself. Biafra must be actualised and there’s no two ways about it. Stop being jealous of Mazi Nnamdi kanu, he’s extraordinary and a God’s sent to deliver some people from the captivity of a fake country called Nigeria. He’s got a lot of supporters and followers and he doesn’t know that mere fools like you exist. So sit back and watch Biafra gain freedom diplomatically then you can go and hang yourself asshole.

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