Just In: Boko Haram over-power Nigerian Army, take over military base in Borno,

Once again, Boko-Haram terrorists affiliated with the Islamic State jihadists have taken over a military base in Borno.

According AFP news agency, the fighters overpowered Nigerian forces during fire exchange that took place on Friday night at the military base in the town of Marte near Lake Chad.

The Nigerian Army is yet to comment on the development.

However, the attack comes barely a day after the federal government claimed that no territory is under the control of Boko-Haram.

Femi Adesina, a spokesman to President Muhammadu Buhari had in an article last Thursday said that Nigerians are responsible for the prolonged insecurity in many parts of the country because they failed to offer prayers for front-line soldiers.

“Victory is from God alone. That is what we must realise as Nigerians. Do we ever pray for our troops in the frontlines? Do we remember those youths, our pride, and strength, faced by death daily, as we sleep in the comfort of our homes, ensconced in the tender bosom of our wives?” Mr. Adesina queried.

Ironically, not many Nigerians sleep in comfort, contrary to Mr. Adesina’s claim.

Terrorists have long laid grip on many villages and towns in the Northern part of the country including the president’s home town in Daura.

Despite recurring attacks, the Nigerian government continues to boast about conquering insurgency and terrorism.