Just in: National Assembly grant full autonomy to all 774 LGAs; INEC to conduct LGA elections

Full financial and administrative autonomy has been granted to all the 774 local council authorities across Nigeria following the amendment of section 124 of the nation’s constitution by the National Assembly on Tuesday.

The section provides a consequential provision for the making of the local councils, a full third tier government without undue interference from the state governments.

The ammendment was one of the 22 others approved by the House of Representatives last week and ratified by the Senate on Tuesday.

Both chambers had through a conference committee harmonised versions of the ammendments into the constitution carried out by each of them last month.

By the development, the National Assembly had ratified all the 23 clauses and sections that had been ammended by both chambers.

The newly ammended document which would be sent to States Houses of Assembly, for approval, also approved the creation of the Office of Auditor General of the Local Government as well as the State Local Government Service Commission.

The section equally deleted the State
Independent Electoral Commission (SIEC) from the constitution thereby vesting the powers to conduct council elections on the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

It however, retained the immunity clause in the constitution for the President and Governors by adopting the Senate version of the ammendments on the issue and rejected the House of Representatives version which removed the immunity clause.

The National Assembly also made provisions for Independent Candidacy in future elections in Nigeria by ammending sections 65 and 106 of the 1999 constitution…

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24 thoughts on “Just in: National Assembly grant full autonomy to all 774 LGAs; INEC to conduct LGA elections

  1. In federal system of government, creation of LGAs is vested in the State Government. That is why there are two recognisable tiers of government in the federal system of government. In view of this fact, it will be inconsistent to say that the state governments that have constitutional right of creating states should hand off completely from the running of affairs in the LGAs. It would be extremely difficult for the amendments to have the backing of the 2/3 of the ,36 States and federal capital territory. However, my submission is based on the assumption that most of the members of state assemblies know the intentions of the constitution on the tiers of government and federal system of government.

    1. That’s the law of the year – INEC to conduct local council elections. Kudos to the National Assembly

  2. Good & timely development we are anticipating the implementation. Gbosaaa to National Assembly.

  3. This is a great achievement to the LGA in the country for independent body Kudos to National assembly.

  4. Congratulation to the freedom of power giving by the local government Area, good work to Nigeria national assembly for giving right power to the local government Area, I hope that development will take place very soon to make people feel happy from there communities, now the village will soon be a city builder in a short time.

  5. Reasonable and sensible, most especially that INEC will now conduct local Government elections, the States actually abuse the process in the past.God bless Nigeria.

  6. Hope the country will not witness a situation whereby a particular political party winning all the local government chairmanship election in the country?
    Because everything is possible in Nigeria.

  7. Good, work well done, already the problem is not from the presidency or the National Assembly but the Governors and the State Assemblies in getting the approval of the 2/3 majority and the reason for this is known to everyone.

  8. This is long overdue, all the States NULGE should stand Firm to see that their State Assembly assent the Constitution so that We get more than 2/3 majority & the National Executive of NULGE should see to that if not, there is a Big fight with Governor’s, lastly I code the that any Governor who wish to enjoy Local Government money should resigned as Governor & contest for Local Government Chairman, I rest My Case.

  9. A very dificult task for the success of this excercise as the state Govenors will not allow it to work. But let us continue to pray. Allah ya tabbatao mana da alkhairinsa amin.

  10. Amazing. But the poser awaiting INEC in conducting local level elections in Osun State, (sorry, State of Osun). How does the electoral body intend to do this in the light of the fact that Osun State is the only one currently operating a Parliamentary system, within the country’s federal system of governance. Waiting for a miracle to occur.

  11. This is a good development for the masses, life of any citizenry begin from grassroot, and it is the third tier government that closer to them. Kudo to the National Assembly and my prayer is that God will let it works, ameen.

  12. we are happen to hear this from the national assembly, bcos we have alot of graduate looking for job in every community so our prayers is answer, God bless nigeria?

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