Leaked video of Neymar being hit by lady who accused him of rape

A leaked footage of Neymar getting hit by Trindade, the lady who accused him of rape, has surfaced on social media after her lawyers dropped the case.

Analysts alleged that the woman who accused Neymar of rape, had sent him messages asking for more after the first day. However after the footballer turned up, Najila who had already set up a camera tried to make him admit to it the next day or even make him assault her on tape.

Here is an interpretation of the exchange below which seems that she was setting Neymar up:

They lay in bed. She hits him.
Neymar: No No No … No! Do not hit me, I do not like it!
Trindade: Are you going to hit me? you will hit me?
Neymar: Excuse me. Not there … (and tries to get up)
Trindade: But I’m going to hit you !!! Do you know why I’m going to hit you ?! do you know why? Why did you attack me? Yesterday you left me alone … (throws something in her hand)
Neymar : Stop !! Do not do that, calm down !! calm!!! and then the video ends.

Watch the leaked video below