My spiritual water cures HIV, gonorrhoea, cancer, asthma, others – Gospel Singer says

Gospel singer, Brother Sammy has listed an array of ailments he claims to have been able to cure with his spiritual water.

The Ghanaian gospel singer who sat for an interview with Dave Hammar Barima on Dave hammar TV, warned critics to stop comparing his spiritual water to any healing product in the market as it is very powerful and capable of unimaginable things. Brother Sammy who stated that he has cured more than 50 HIV patients with his spiritual water, added that the source of the water which can cure diabetes,hepatitis B, Gonorrhoea, Asthma and Cancer is left to him and the “Most High”.

“With where I got it from is between the most High and myself, it is not ordinary, our elders say that your secret is your power”.

“It can also cure diabetes,hepatitis B, Gonorrhoea, Asthma and Cancer. Even the whites have not been able to come out with a cure for Cancer but I have. I have cured about 50 people of their sicknesses with the divine healing water,” he added when asked about how many people may have benefitted from this ‘Spiritual water’ he speaks of.