Nice! Corps members stage campaign against depression and suicide

The alarming rate at which suicide is reoccurring, we need to applaud these corps members for their effort in coming out to campaign against it and create awareness about the seriousness of depression.

Led by Editorial CDS president, Daniel Abel, the members of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) staged a walk against depression and suicide, in Oyo State in a bid to sensitize the general public on the existence of depression and the need not to consider suicide as a solution or way out. 

Corps members displayed placards with various inscriptions such as: “your mistakes do not define you”, “happiness is free”, “make yourself happy”, “you are important, stay with me” among others.

Speaking with reporters, Abel said the increase in the amount of suicide recorded in the country is alarming, hence, educating the masses about the existence of depression is necessary.

“Emotional depression is the most common form of depression we are exposed to in contemporary time and most effective way to combat suicide in this form is to engage the individual, make them feel loved, show them attention and most importantly don’t let the person be lonely”, he added.