Nigerians spent N4.6 trillion eating out in 2019, NBS reveals (See Breakdown)

The National Bureau of Statistics has disclosed that Nigerians spent a whopping N4.598 trillion on food eaten outside the home.

The expenditure is the highest spent on food and on general food and non-food expenditure in the country for the year 2019.

Most of the nation’s expenditure came in from Lagos, Oyo, Delta, Rivers, and Kano states — making up 33.71 percent of total national expenditure, while Taraba, Ebonyi, Nasarawa, Yobe, and Gombe, account for less than five percent.

The FCT and 31 states account for 66.29 percent of the nation’s spending.

“At the national level the total household expenditure on food and non-food for 2019 was N40,207,388,459,367 (N21,620,601,543,613.90 in 2009/10),” the NBS consumption expenditure pattern for 2019, read.

“Of this total, 56.65% (60.2% in 2009/10) of total household expenditure in 2019 was spent on food with the balance of about 43.35% (39.8 % in 2009/10) spent on non- food items.

“Food consumed outside the home, followed by transportation costs and starchy roots, tubers and plantains were responsible for the largest proportion of household expenditure representing a combined 24.16 percent of total household expenditure in 2019.

“Lagos State recorded the highest consumption expenditure at N5,068,032,243,934.00 or 12.60% of total
household expenditure followed by Oyo (5.83%), Delta (5.38%), Rivers (4.99%) Kano State (4.91%).”

The last time the consumption expenditure pattern report was published was about 10 years ago, the bureau said.

ItemMoney spent in 2019 (In Trillion Naira)
Eating out4.6
Starchy roots, tubers & plantain2.5
Telecom services2.2
Clothing & Footwears1.82


Nigerians spent more on non-alcoholic drinks and sugar-related products than they did over alcohol, in the time frame considered.

Households spent N551.2 billion on non-alcoholic drinks, N205.5 billion on sugar, sweets and confectionary, and N150.3 billion on alcoholic drinks.

The nation also spent more of fish and fish products than it did on meat and its derivatives.

Nigerians spent N1.33 trillion on fish and seafood, while N1.19 trillion was expended on meat.


The report also shows that Nigerians are spending a sizeable portion of their income on transportation, than they do on education and health.

According to NBS, Nigerians spent N2.59 trillion on transportation, while only N2.46 trillion was spent on healthcare.

The households also spent N2.3 trillion on education — more than the federal budget assigned to the same in 2019. It should, however, be noted that education is the responsibility of both the states and the federal government.

Nigerians spent N197.6 billion on water in the year under consideration.


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