OBIdient Citizens Of Imo tell Uzodinma to account for LGAs, State allocations

A group known as the OBIdient Citizens Of Imo State has called on Imo State Governor, Senator Hope Uzodinma to account for monthly allocations meant for the state and the 27 local government areas of the state.

The group claimed that in the two years and seven months that Uzodinma has holds sway in Imo, he has done nothing to address the dilapidated state of the rural roads and public schools in the state.

The criticism comes after President Muhammadu Buhari visited Imo to commission some road constructed by the Uzodinma’s administration.

Speaking on behalf of the group on Tuesday, Comrade Chilagorom Ifeanyi wrote:

“It is very important to let Ndi Imo know the kind of game the Gambler in Imo Douglas House is playing.

“Did you know the roads Senator Uzodinma focuses to construct are the Federal Roads in Imo? Can you ask why? As a prankish man, Senator Uzodinma liaised with some top men in Buhari’s government who assist him make sure the funds used in constructing the few Federal Roads are immediately paid back to him by the Federal government. When they spend like 100 billion naira to construct these roads, they bill Federal government 300 billion, and these men in Aso Rock will immediately assist him to facilitate the payment, as they share the balance among themselves. Meaning that both the 27 Imo LGAs and State Monthly Allocations for the past two years have not been used for anything at all.

“Ndi Imo have really entered ONE CHANCE.

“Where are the 27 Imo LGAs and State Monthly Allocations for the past two years and seven months of Uzodinma’s government? What have been done in our rural areas with the huge 27 Imo Local Governments Monthly Allocations?

“It very unfortunate that we have a government of ‘the more you look, the less you see’. If Imolites know the hundreds of billions of Naira received by Uzodinma for both LGAs and State Monthly Allocations for the past two years, our people will cry bitterly. This shows the type of incompetent government Imolites are facing at the moment.

“Since Federal government will surely refund Uzodinma all the money used to construct both the Owerri/Orlu and Owerri/Okigwe Roads respectively, what exactly has he done with the huge Imo Allocations?

“The money Uzodinma wasted in Edo, Ekiti and Osun Guber elections would have gone far to construct most of Imo State rural roads. The money being wasted for unnecessary Television and other media promotions, would have gone far to create good job opportunities for the jobless but not lazy Imo youths. Does it mean Uzodinma has no good plan for the jobless Imo youths, than to unnecessarily kill them with the security personnel?

“It is quite unfortunate that Imo State has been sold to our enemies for power.

“Ndi Imo, ndonu! When you have a monkey handling your car steering wheel, what else do you expect? They know President Buhari does not even know what is happening within Aso Rock, let alone Imo State. That is why Uzodinma and his fellow men of questionable characters in the Presidency, continue to fool President Buhari by always inviting him to commission things that do not really exist.

“As a matter of fact, Uzodinma’s corrupt government has gone to cannot be overemphasised. The looting in Imo has gone to excelsis!

“Come September/October 2023, Ndi Imo will surely get back their leadership by Gods Grace. A New Imo State is very much POSSIBLE.”