Please, read this message from a Concerned Nigerian Youth

Njoku Perfect, a Concerned Nigerian Youth writes.


Good afternoon my fellow youths and Nigerians. I have kept quiet since all these protests which has currently graduated to a state of confusion and chaos started.

Yes, fellow compatriots, the peaceful Nigeria and Nation we used to know is currently far from what it used to be but I want to assure you one thing, it’s all for the best. It’s for our future generations to enjoy what we never enjoyed. It’s for them to have the privileges and opportunities we never had. For there to be progress and prosperity, sacrifices must to be made.

Yes, we’re all scared, am scared too but bear in mind that even if I die in this fight for #ENDSARS and #ENDBADGOVERNANCE move, I never died a coward. I died trying to give the future generations of this country a reason to live. Need I remind you that what we enjoy today was as a result of the sacrifices our founding fathers made. The independence we celebrate every first day of October was as a result of what they prepared for us. They maybe physically absent but know that they left a good legacy for us all.

Remember to stay safe, some protesters are more aggressive than others and are willing to take laws into their hands, maybe because of how aggrieved they are.

Let’s focus on what lies ahead.
Let’s do this.
We can achieve this.
Let’s make it peaceful
We have been patient for long