Primary school pupil opens ‘mini shopping complex’ in Kano

A primary school pupil identified as Ismail Yusuf has gone viral on social media after a photo of his mini shopping complex where he sells petty groceries was posted on Facebook.

The little boy who was first spotted selling seasonings in a carton by a passerby who then took his photo and posted on social media, has received immense supports from Nigerians who came together to open a shop for him in Rano, Kano.

Sharing photos of Ismail’s new shop, a social media user wrote:

“I wish Ismail Yusuf happiness, success, long life and prosperity. I commend him for starting his personal revolution, personal development and personal transformation. He is focused and with positive mindset.

“He has potential. I predict that he will achieve his dreams, and great things. He has burning desire, ambition, enthusiasm, determination, obsession and passion. I predict Ismail Yusuf (from Rano town, Kano State, Nigeria) will be a successful and powerful multi-billionaire entrepreneur and owner of several businesses, shops, malls, shopping complexes across Kano and Nigeria and Africa and worldwide.”

The young boy had expressed interest in starting a business in order to help his family.

See photos below: