Revealed! N1.8 Billion was spent to bring Cardi B to Perform in Lagos and Accra

Getting Cardi B to perform in Nigeria and Ghana has been said to have cost a whopping $5m dollars, about a staggering, N1.8billion Naira, according to speculations from the inner circle of the organizers of Livespot X Festival.

While this is yet to be confirmed, it is being speculated that Nigeria and Ghana, budgeted about $2.5million dollars each! The 2.5m dollars covers the performance fees per country as well as the production costs.

The production costs includes hotels/accommodation bills for Cardi B and her entourage, it also includes the chartered private jet and all other incidentals that could accrue for the trip.

It is further said that Cardi B’s performance fee for each country is between $800,000 & $1.2m Dollars.

Furthermore, it  seems the whole concert is not an initiative of Darey Art Alade and his wife Deola as widely speculated. Looks more like a type of collaboration and their brand were just in charge of production and all.

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