See the stylish way IBB used to invite people to his birthday party

He is IBB Njoku and knows how to make subtle jokes. He is a Uniport Graduate. You won’t know what the write up is about until you get to the end.

He wrote:

WHAT IS DIFFICULT ABOUT IT? Only the babies and the elderly ones tell how many years they are during birthday celebrations. The ‘youths’ don’t tell how many years they are. WHAT IS DIFFICULT ABOUT IT? The ‘youths’ are not bold to tell how many xmases and new years they have eaten. Even when asked ‘how old are you now?’The reply ‘I’m plus one to day’ amuses me more than it annoys me. Why do you celebrate a hidden, unannounced and uncountable years in an unhidden ways? Pls if you want to know really how old a birthday celebrant is, JOIN ME ON THE 28TH OF MAY, you will see all the xmases clothes my pa, ma and sisters bought for me. Thanks.