Senator Sani reacts to levy imposed on every bread by Kogi Govt

The Kogi state government imposed a new levy on every loaf of bread and other products produced by bakeries and caterers in the state

Joining other Nigerians to react to the news, former Kaduna lawmaker, Senator Shehu Sani opined that the new levy would make the price of bread increase the same manner prices of rice and onions have increase.

In a tweet on Friday, November 13, Sani said: “Bread is promoted to join the esteemed class of Rice and Onions in Kogi.”

Premium Times reported that Kogi State Ministry of Commerce and Industry on November 9 announced that bakers in the state are now required to pay a levy to the government on every product made in their bakeries.

The ministry in a memo addressed to the chairperson, the association of master bakers and caterers of Nigeria, Kogi state branch, said the collection of the levy will start from November 16, 2020.

This comes while, some families in Nigeria are still groaning over the prices of foodstuff in various markets.

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