Shocking: I sleep with snakes & eat human flesh – Kenyan woman confesses on radio

A Kenyan woman has come on Live Radio to confess to sleeping with snakes and partaking in human flesh-eating rituals.

Cecilia Wambui, who resides in Umoja Estate was speaking in an interview with Emmanuel Mwashumbe and Shuga Boy, narrated how she engages the bizarre activities.

According to the Laikipia-born mother of one, her materially impoverished upbringing pushed her to date well-off men.

“I was 17, and in form four when I met a driver who made a pass at me. Coming from a very poor family, I was impressed that he owned a TV, gas cooker and radio.

I eloped with him but we broke up within three months. I was pregnant for him but I terminated the pregnancy,” Cecilia narrated.

The abortion would mark the first of many, with Cecilia saying that she’s unsure of how many times she’s had an abortion.

From age 17 to 25, Cecilia said that she’s been married around five times and bedded over a hundred men.

“All the men I’ve dated were well-off and they were all ‘sponsors’. I have done so many abortions I can’t recall all of them.”

According to the 26-year-old, things took a turn for the worst in 2019 after she was imprisoned for four months.

While in prison, she sought to turn her life around.

“I sought to get saved and was introduced to a fake church where I used to sleep with spirits. I could just sit and find myself in mortuaries and burials. I joined the church in February and didn’t feel the need to sleep with men as spirits would satisfy my needs.

It got to a point where I was addicted and wanted to see gory images like dead bodies being washed in the morgue,” she claimed.

She further added that;

“They had brainwashed me; the pastor told me to give him all household items as they were bought by ‘sponsors’. They organized marriage with one of the church members saying ‘heaven had decided that I marry him’- we had known each other for three weeks.

Whenever I slept, I dreamed of the pastor telling me to touch his privates, and a black snake would appear. I used to enjoy it and felt it was okay. The snake would appear whenever I closed my eyes; I feared sleeping in matatus. I started getting sick but the pastor told me I should not go to the hospital as ‘God would heal me’.”

Cecilia then realised all was not well and left the church in October 2020. She also parted ways with her husband, who she described as being scary, as she would wake up in the middle of the night and find him sitting on a chair, staring at her.

Refusing to name the church for fear of reprisals, Cecilia claimed that five other women – in the church – were undergoing a similar ordeal. She’s currently looking for employment as she lost her job while attending the ‘cultic’ church.