So nice: Hungry boy calls 911 for food, See what the police officers did for him

Officers of the Sanford Police Department, Florida came through for a five-year-old Manuel Beshara, who dialed 911 when he was hungry.

Disclosing the active response of officers Morales, Mejia, and Hernandez, the Sanford Police Department through it official facebook handle stated that few minutes after the call, the three officers brought pizza for the young hungry boy.

The Police department noted that officers initially thought there was something else but when they arrived the home of the boy, they found Manuel and his 15-year-old sister, who explained that they were fine and that Manuel had grabbed the phone without her knowledge.

The officers decided to use this moment to explain to the boy about the proper use of 911 — before ordering a large pizza and personally delivering it to him.

The police department put a disclaimer on the post: #dontcall911fordelivery. 

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