Terrible! Transformer oil used to fry meat, puff-puff, akara, yam in Abuja

A Nigerian health officer, took to Twitter to narrate how some scientist from the Nigerian Food Sciences and Technology Institute nabbed women using transformer oil to fry puff-puff, yam and other foods in Abuja.

According to @Xperiencswtness who narrated the story, “No wonder we now have NIGERIAN YOUTHS & KIDS suffering Organ failure & Cancer”

“Yesterday, scientists under the umbrella of the Nigerian Food Sciences and Technology Institute went to inspect markets in Abuja (Utako and Garki Markets). The things we discovered are heartbreaking:

People who fry akara, puff-puff, yam, meat, fish, etc., use transformer oil mixed with vegetables or groundnut oil to fry the stuff. Ariel detergent is used to ferment cassava for fufu, fish sellers spray sniper on dry fish to keep flies out.

In our abbatoir, tyres and used plastics are used to roast slaughtered animals which are sold in the market. Please avoid food cooked outside your home if you can. We are veryyyyyyyyyy wicked to ourselves. We can see one of the reasons internal organ failure and CANCER have continued to increase even in young children and adults who live healthy still come down with all sorts of diseases.” NO… Buhari is the problem

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