Things to do to avoid Police/SARS harassment

It is no longer news that Nigerian Police Officers/SARS have form the habit of constantly harassing young men that look ‘suspicious’. As much as we blame the police many a time, there are also few times we can’t blame them, especially when they end up arresting the guilty ones.

However, innocent people also need to learn how to isolate themselves from such harassment as hard as it may be. Here are things you should do.

  1. Dress Modestly: Inasmuch as you want to speak on freedom of dressing, you should also remember the saying that “The way you dress is the way you will be addressed”. These SARS officials are working with what they see as well as other information. Walking the street in a sagged trousers and dreadlocks with earrings and some “bling-blings” all littered on you has placed you on a watch list already.
  2. Stop Smoking Weed in Public: We all know weed is not legalized in Nigeria even though we see people smoke it in open places which is a default in the Nigeria Legal system. We must understand that smoking weed is a sure sign of how notorious you are. So this has automatically placed you on watch list.
  3. Stop Visiting Cyber Cafe at Night: Why would any sane person be visiting the Cyber Cafe at night in a country where cyber crime is a top list crime? Even as students, you should have a time limit for your researches online. These SARS officials also parade at night and Cyber Cafe are top places they visit.
  4. Always Go Out With an Identity Card: As an adult, you should have either a working ID Card or any of National ID Card, Driver’s License, Voter Card or International Passport with you for identification. This will save you from a lot of embarrassment.
  5. Be Polite with A SARS Officer During Interrogation: Inasmuch as you know your right as a citizen, you should also respond to questions politely. As long as you have your ID and there are no evidence of being a criminal, then no one will harass you.
  6. Ostracize Yourself from Criminals: Do I need to elaborate on this? I guess not. Be wise
  7. Avoid Fighting on The Street: This one is just a quick way to land in Police net especially when the fight gets intense.

Help yourself and avoid trouble so you will save yourself the embarrassment.

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