To all Cheating Married Men

Please Daddy Dem, Make Una Listen.

Do you know you’re the one losing everything?
You waste your money unnecessarily
Waste your energy unnecessarily
She enjoy the sex more than you,
But at the end you still pay her money💰.
Still she will use your money to enrich her boyfriend
Then call you a big fool at the back

Why don’t you just stick to your lovely wife and enjoy her to the fullest and also have time for your lovely children if you have one.

Why slaying around the whole hotel with side chick when you have a lovely wife and kids at home,
Sometimes what amazes me is that those side chicks are not more beautiful than their wives.

Oga abeg make you reason with me. 
Eno make sense ooo.

If she is the one slaying around I don’t know how you will feel. 
But it’s never too late. You can change and be a good husband to that woman God Gave you and God will never cease to bless you more and more.

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