Video: Nigerian groom runs out from wedding, shouting, ‘I no do again’

It was a pitiable drama as a Nigerian groom allegedly left his bride hanging on their wedding just before the reception event started proper.

According to multiple online sources, the man took guests, family and friends by surprise when he stormed out of the wedding venue into the streets as he shouts ‘I no do again’ continuously.

In the video online, the chief bridesmaid is seen holding the flowing dress of the bride who was crying profusely and begging the groom not to do that. The groom who’s putting on a blue suit, is seen running about on the busy road with his friends beckoning on him to no avail.

There are however unconfirmed reports that the man got information that the lady was cheating on him , hence his awkward reaction on their big day. Some social media users also said that the video was just a drama to get the attention of passersby.

Watch the video below.