Video: Policeman stunned after seeing the sex worker he took home was a man

A Nigerian Policeman was stunned after he got home and discovered that the sex worker he took home to have fun with is a man dressed as a woman.

The Police officer who resides in Kubwa, Abuja patronized the prostitute on Wednesday, July 17.

After the cross-dresser was busted, he was forced to strip to display the things he used to pad himself up.

Confessing while being interrogated, the cross-dresser revealed he only switches up his look at night.

One of those interrogating him promised to give him a job that can pay him N30,000 a month if only he promises to change.

He, however, stated that people like the cross-dresser are only keen on making fast money, and don’t mind being violent about it with a victim.

Watch the video below:

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