‘We have corrosive anointing so there’s no coronavirus in Nigeria’ – Pastor to members (video)

A pastor has been captured telling his church members that Coronavirus cannot be in Nigeria because the country has corrosive annointing.

Pastor Kingsley Innocent of Bible Believing Mission, (a.k.a God-of-talk-na-do) in Aba, Abia State said the message of coronavirus being circulated is ploy to extort money from government.

While speaking to his church members during a service, he said: “Many people are afraid of coronavirus. Many pastors and Bishops are changing their prayer points. Special prayer sessions are being held for coronavirus.

“I want to tell us that that thing is not in Nigeria. Say ‘Talk na Do’ say so”

“That thing cannot survive in Nigeria. What do you mean by coronavirus? When there are corrosive anointing. It can’t survive here. I don’t know about other places, coronavirus does not exist in Nigeria.”

Watch the video below.

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