“We have more cases than NCDC is reporting” – Nigerian frontline nurse warns doubting Nigerians

A Nigerian nurse has expressed dismay that the lack of trust many Nigerians have for government officials has made them believe that COVID-19 is not real in Nigeria.

It all started when a Twitter user expressed doubt and accused the Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC) of inflating the numbers of COVID-19 cases in the country.

The Nurse who is in the frontline in Nigeria lashed out at the Twitter user and narrated how she witnessed the death of two Coronavirus patients at an intensive care unit and also saw the corpse of two other Coronavirus patients being wheeled out. 

She tweeted; 

“We lost two patients in the ICU today to covid-19. On wheeling the corpses to the ambulance, I saw two more corpses, all covid-19 deaths. Coming to Twitter, the first post I saw was a covidiot saying NCDC was padding numbers and that covid-19 isn’t real. I’m just weak!”

For those who think that the number of cases are inflated, the nurse said the NCDC is even reporting less than the actual numbers witnessed across the country.

She added; 

“So the issue here is that most Nigerians don’t trust their government and since they don’t, they don’t believe the covid-19 numbers by @NCDCgov . From me to you, covid-19 is real. The numbers you see now do not reflect the true state of covid-19 in Nigeria. We have more cases.

“As we increase our testing capacity, expect more cases. Even if you don’t trust your government, please stay safe. @NCDCgov won’t gain anything from padding numbers. Help us to help you. Together, let’s flatten the curve”

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