Weird: Nigerian Police feed arrested and detained vulture N5,000 worth of meat daily

This might be the most bizzare story you will hear today. The police in Adamawa State have confirmed the arrest and detention of a “suspicious” vulture after the residents alerted the police of its presence in the community.

That is not all, DailySun reported that the detained vulture is being fed with N5,000 worth of meat daily.

State Commissioner of Police Adamu Audu Madaki confirmed the oddity to the media on Monday.

Madaki explained that some members of Maiha local government had reported that a woman was in custody of a certain vulture and lamented that the last time three vultures mysteriously appeared in the community, their ominous presence heralded a vicious Boko Haram attack on the community.

It was also gathered that the community insisted on the eviction of the vulture and the woman from their area and this prompted a police investigation and the subsequent arrest of the vulture and its owner. Both have been transferred to Yola for investigation.

The Commissioner explained that the vulture is in custody and the matter would be investigated.