Fr Mbaka begs Catholic church and Bishop Onaga for forgiveness (Video)

Rev. Father Ejike Mbaka has rendered a public apology to the Catholic Church and the Bishop of the Diocese of Enugu State, Bishop Callistus Onaga, for the reckless behaviour of his supporters in Enugu following reports of his “disappearance”

Mbaka, who is the Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria (AMEN), explained what happened on the day due to fears that he had been abducted.

He explained that he had no idea his members had stormed the Bishop’s residence to cause havoc on May 5. He said that when he heard, in his haste to get to his members and calm them down, he almost had an accident.

On Sunday, May 9, the visibly remorseful Mbaka went on his knees and apologised to Bishop Onaga, the Catholic church in Enugu and the universal Church for the damage done by his followers at the Bishop’s house at Igbo Eze Street, Independence Layout Enugu, and Holy Ghost Cathedral, Ogui Enugu.

He said, “I render my sincere, unalloyed apology to the Holy Roman Church and that the mother church should forgive us in any way we didn’t do well. I pray for forgiveness. I am on your behalf kneeling, forgive. What has happened has happened. 

“We are to save the image of the church and save the souls. I am here for soul-saving; the church is not my property. I am asking my Lord Bishop Onaga and all the priest to rest the case.

“I have no problem with anybody. I didn’t send anybody to destroy anything. Let us glorify the name of the church. We can’t destroy the church we are protecting. I am happy with the mother church. I can’t leave the Catholic church. May the Lord protect all of you. 

“I can’t disobey the church — who am I? How can somebody who has been serving the church for 25 years come out to begin to fight the same church? Everything in my life is for the church.”

Watch part of the video of Mbaka’s apology below.

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  1. To God be the glory as I strongly believe that His Lordship will solely accept the apologies

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