IPOB: ‘Don’t wait for an order. Kill them all’ – Police IG orders officers

The acting Inspector-General of Police, Usman Baba has ordered the Police Mobile Force and Special Tactical Squad of the Force to shoot to kill, and ignore media shouts of rights violations. 

Usman Baba made the statement on Tuesday when he declared war on Biafra agitators and gunmen attacking and destroying police infrastructure in the South-East and South-South regions and ordered their extermination.

The government has blamed the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and its militant arm, Eastern Security Network (ESN) for the recent attacks on policemen, police facilities and others in the South-East and South-South regions. 

Usman directed policemen in the region not to adhere to the rules of engagement while dealing with Biafra secessionist groups, adding that his job was to protect them. He said they should take the battle to them wherever they are and kill them all. 

According to the police boss, the policemen should not wait for an order.

“Don’t mind the media shout; do the job I command you. If anyone accuses you of human rights violation, the report will come to my table and you know what I will do. So, take the battle to them wherever they are and kill them all. Don’t wait for an order.

“What other order are you waiting for when Mr. President had ordered you to shoot anybody carrying AK-47 rifle? Quote me, even a dead policeman can be tried and dismissed from the force and his family will not get his benefits.

“So, don’t sit and wait for them to come; take attack to them and don’t lose your arms to criminals,” the acting IGP said.

Usman Baba noted that the operation was for the stabilisation of the security order in the geopolitical zone. 

 “Indeed, the resort to terror tactics, disregard to constitutional processes and disrespect for democratic standards to advance their interests of creating an ungovernable space in the region informed the decision of the Federal Government to outlaw IPOB,” he added. 

3 thoughts on “IPOB: ‘Don’t wait for an order. Kill them all’ – Police IG orders officers

  1. You are mad. Try it and see the worst of your days.. Why not give the order in northern state?

    You are a terrorist in Nigerian police uniform. Can’t you see what is happening in kaduna state and other parts of the state in North?

    Now! You came to our southern parts, institute unknown gunmen in disguise to wipe out our southern youths to islamize us to fulanisation state.

    Animals in service, how many fulani herdsmen has your police team killed since you Marge as IGP terrorist?

    Fools that thinks that their foots steps are not track.
    Try and kill and see the worst happens to your men and that place you called your stations

    1. You are and idiot full like you God will punish you for saying you will kill police man

  2. The order by the IGP to his men kill and exterminate members of IPOB and Southerners is to say the least barbaric. What order has he or the army given to the security agencies concerning those terrorists in the North. We have seen where they negotiate and even pay ransom for kidnapped victims. They bring them to rejoin the security services after arrest, instead of prosecution and jail. All these amount to genocide and crime against humanity. And all of them. Including the past army chief,Buratai are all guilty of these crimes and at the appropriate time, these crimes will be revisited and those found culpable, must be made to pay for their actions. As for the officers sent to kill, you must remember that the people have right to self defense. The IGP should first go to his state of Yobe and the entire North and deal with the banditory that has taken over better part of them, before asking his men to embark on such dangerous task.

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