Pastor Ashimolowo slams Pastor Chris Oyakhilome for linking 5G with Covid-19

Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo, has slammed Pastor Chris Oyakhilome for linking coronavirus and 5G, urging Christians around the way world to stay away from theories and claims of 5G being the Antichrist.

The founder and Senior Pastor of Kingsway International Christian Centre (KICC) stated that anytime there is a major shock around the world the church thinks it is the Antichrist.

Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo went on to recount how the church thought Napoleon, Benito Mussolini, Hitler and many others were the Antichrist.

He also said he is disappointed in Pastor Chris Oyakhilome for putting out a graph to show a link between 5G, Coronavirus and the Antichrist. He advised everyone to stay indoors amid the lockdown over Coronavirus outbreak.

Pastor Ashimolowo affirmed that he knows the Antichrist will come and also play some “pranks”, but insisted that the current challenges the world is facing is not the handiwork of the Antichrist. He concluded by stating that the world is facing a pandemic which Jesus spoke of in Matthew 24:8.

Pastor Ashimolowo had come under criticism recently after he told his members how to pay their offerings online since there won’t be physical gatherings due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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3 thoughts on “Pastor Ashimolowo slams Pastor Chris Oyakhilome for linking 5G with Covid-19

  1. Pastor Chris didn’t say that 5G or Covid–19 is Antichrist, rather he point out the plan of New World Order and the planned digital identification plan, i don’t know why some men of God choose to antagonize other men of God even in time of crises like this, that another man of God have a revelation of what we are facing today based on research and other scientific proves doesn’t mean another man of God shouldn’t have a different revelation on the same topic, but what we need to consider here is facts and proves, in pastor Chris message he states categorically that this is not the time for the Antichrist, but if Christian did not pray, satan will take advantage of this and play a phase one, that means he will do experiment on how he can rule the world after rapture, he also state very clearly that Antichrist is to manifest after the rapture of the church, instead this man of God to criticise pastor Chris, he would have follow the scientific facts and some websites that pastor Chris point out during his teaching to do more research, pastor Chris also talk about the mark of the beast and he connect it with the ID2020 digital vaccine and how they plan to vaccinate people with the quantum dot tattoo or a nano chip installed in their body so that signals can be send to their brains and start manipulating them, controlling them like phones to do things that are against the will of God, all to achieve NWO agenda.

  2. I love pastor Chris because you will never hear him speaking against another man of God rather he always admonish everyone to honour and respect men of God generally, not just the ones within his congregation but every man of God and that is why he is been respected all around the world. Pastor Chris i love you, for your teaching and humility.

  3. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is truly a great man of the living God. He has been consistent in his teachings about the end time. And his teachings are resesrch based and in agreement with biblical prophecies about the end time. His teachings are credible deep truths. Pastor Matthew Asimolowo should not have been hasty in condemning what he obviously does not understand. Those of us who have taken time to listen to pastor Chris and follow his teachings and exposè, are in no doubt that he’s speaking the truth. And very many research centres across nations of the world are in support of his claims 100%. I’m not going to waste my time trying to expound his teachings, let anyone who cares to listen or learn, go ahead and humble themselves and do so.
    Pastor Matthew Sir, i honour you as a servant of God, but I want to use this medium to implore you, to honour the Lord your God by learning the truth in humility. You don’t know it all and that’s okay because no one person does. But don’t come making a fool of yourself and calling by speaking ill of something as clear and credible as this exposè by Pastor Chris on the subject matter. Because if you do, the spirit of truth will humiliate you.


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