Police reportedly arrest, molest 70 women for clubbing in Abuja

Barely a fortnight after 30 women were arrested by police officers for clubbing in Abuja, another 70 women have been reportedly arrested for prostitution, clubbing and other trivial offences.

The incident which took place on Friday April 26th was reported by a Nigerian lawyer, Mart Obono, who took to his Twitter handle to raise the alarm and also allege that the arrested young women were being assaulted and molested by the officers.

Mart Obono tweeted:

As I type, 70 girls were arrested and brought to Utako Police station last night. This is in addition to the ones who were arrested on Friday night. Their offense; clubbing and in some instance, prostitution. Some have been assaulted with injuries in their vaginas.

One of the ladies arrested has a 2month old baby. She wasn’t allowed to breastfeed her baby by CRO in charge on duty despite continuous plea amidst tears. It took the intervention of a female police officer who called the DPO to overrule the decision of the inspector at the time

The joint task force that arrested some of these girls have been allegedly molesting and assaulting them. Some even showed the bruises and bleeding in their vaginas. A capital city like Abuja needs to define its rules if it wants to be conservative or liberal. We have foreign investors coming to Abuja to do business, we have foreign development partners who want to help us with the many problems we have. Our society cannot be run like this if we must make progress.

Choose a position, make clear the rules and enforce them rightly. Some of the police officers I interacted with have said that some of the people in the joint task force even steal the phones of the “suspects” We need to legalize prostitution once and for all. But the question is, which legislator will want to sponsor such bill without the backlash from our holier than thous?

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  1. The worrisome thing about the practices and activities of our police force is they pay more attention to trivial issues leaving the pressing national security issues to rot. How does the arrest of young ladies having fun at their own peril (if so) affect the current security turmoil the country is facing? It’s quite appalling to see our uniformed men act this way.

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