Lagos police respond to allegation of giving a missing child to a wrong mother

The Lagoss state police command has responded to the allegation of giving out a child who has been missing for 4 years to a lady who is not his mother. 

A woman named Joy Iheanacho Maduabuchi who claims to be the real mother of the child, had alleged that the police gave out boy to a lady who stays in Imo state.

She also stated that when she brought documents to back her claims of being the boy’s mother, the police allegedly asked her to bring N200,000 to initiate the process of bringing back her child. Read more here.

Reacting to this, the Lagos state police described the lady’s comment as false. The command’s spokesperson stated that the lady never saw the child before making the claim.

The statement Read:

“The command has been briefed on this case. The allegation of the woman in this video is false and unfounded as the command is having three (3) mothers claiming a boy.

“The boy allegedly got missing sometime but was found at Ojo Division, Lagos. He was later taken to the JWC office at Alakara for investigation. A woman came to claim him and sent him to another woman in Imo State. This woman in the video appeared on Friday to claim the same boy that she was told that he has been seen and published on Facebook.

“So she has not even set her eyes on the boy before she started claiming the boy and alleging the police baselessly.  The case is a complex and sensitive one, so the command will be professional about it and make sure the facts emerge. We are on it and we will do the needful as urgent as possible. We are working with the Imo State Command to retrieve the boy and commence further police actions.”

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  1. This is a very simple issue. Since there are three different women claiming the boy, the Police should conduct a DNA to determine which of the three women own the child with strict warning of prosecution of any of them found claiming the child unjustifiable.

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